Xtreme Gloss - 32 oz

32 fl oz 946ml
Xtreme GlossXtreme Gloss

Master Formula Xtreme Gloss Instant Detailer was designed to satisfy the demands of the new generation. Instant perfection without compromise is required by a growing number of people.

Our goal was to design a formula capable of polishing a car to an extreme high gloss in less than ten minutes.  It had to have flawless reflections with no swirls, streaks, or spots and be effortless to use.

The result of our research is the achievement of Master Formula Xtreme  Gloss. This new spray-on polish produces a wet-look gloss with flawless reflections like a mirror. It's so easy, it's actually fun to use.

We added some unique characteristics to the formula to enhance the ease of application and insure the gloss. When you spray it onto a surface, simply smooth it out and it begins to evaporate, streak-free, as you wipe it off.

Master Formula Xtreme Gloss was also formulated to be used on aluminum and chrome. It's excellent for removing brake dust and giving wheels that quick extreme gloss between polish jobs.

Once you try this new polish we know you will be a customer for life. When you do we will be happy to welcome you to our growing family of enthusiasts.

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