Tire sheen - 12 oz

12 fl oz./355mL
Tire SheenTire Sheen

Master Formula Tire Sheen is an exciting new formula for dressing tires. Many companies seem to be competing to see who can produce the highest gloss on tires. we at master Formula believe that look to be definitely out dated. Additionally, the problem of static electricity continues to plague other formulas. Whenever the tires roll they attracted dirt and dust.

Tire sheen is a new wipe on, walk away formula with the latest look. Just wipe it on and walk away. Simple as that. It leaves a beautiful low sheen, the perfect new tire look. This formula has all the latest technology. It protects the tire with a waterproof barrier that repels dust and dirt by reversing the static electricity.

Master Formula Tire sheen is a gel not a spray, so there's no overspray onto other parts of the wheel. It's easy and takes only seconds to apply. Put a generous amount onto a clean dry cloth then onto your tire. Apply evenly and smooth. That's it. You're done. Nothing is easier. Nothing lasts longer and nothing looks so good as our Master Formula Tire Sheen. Try it for yourself and you'll see what we're all so excited about.

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