Metal Gloss - 8 oz

8 fl oz/237ml
Metal GlossMetal Gloss

MASTER FORMULA Metal Gloss polishes aluminum and stainless steel to look like chrome. It makes chrome look like glass, brass look like gold, and polishes gold and silver to an amazing high gloss.

Metal Gloss was formulated with the latest technology in polishing science. The formula was created using jewelers rouges originally designed to polish the most expensive precious metals in the world: gold, silver, platinum etc.

The challenge was to create a formula powerful enough for stainless steel and aluminum, yet smooth enough to leave even the finest chrome without a mark or scratch. Our achievement is the creation of the ultimate metal polish, METAL GLOSS.

This new technology includes ingredients for specialty metals like BILLET aluminum. Our customers are enjoying amazing results with classic cars, "show bikes", and big rigs.

Metal Gloss was also designed for the "easy application" demands of our new generation. For years, metal polishing has been a difficult chore. Some polishes were abrasive and scratchy. Others were too weak to remove oxidation. Most were messy and hard to wipe off. During our research we had conversations with thousands of polishers. Some were professionals, others were everyday people polishing wheels on their cars, brass or silver pieces in their homes, etc. They all said the same thing. "We want something easy to use, with an effortless wipe off, that leaves the surface with flawless reflections."

Master Formula Metal Gloss does all that and more. Ten years ago we began test marketing at classic car shows, international auto shows, international motorcycle shows, NHRA races, and more. The response all over the United States was overwhelming. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of customers who loudly testify that Master Formula Metal Gloss is by far, the finest metal polish that can be used on aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, or platinum.

So, If you haven't already had the pleasure, we invite you to try a bottle. When you do, we are certain you'll join our growing family of enthusiasts. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

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