Matte Car Care Kit - 32 oz. Bottles


The latest discovery in the auto appearance market is the bold and beautiful matte finished paint. This new technology presented some challenges in caring for and maintaining that smooth even matte finish. Most car soaps are forbidden because they leave shiny spots that ruin the matte look. Waxes and polishes are out of the question for the same reason. We won't bore you with the science behind this dilemma or the list of cautions regarding the matte finished paints. Rather, let us unveil a new line of products that are safe, effective and powerful. They are the result of many months of painstaking work by our team here at Master Formula.

Master Formula has designed a dedicated line of (3) three products for the care and maintenance of matte finished paints. The technology in these formulations are designed to work together and contain everything necessary for care and maintenance during the life of the paint. These special formulations use no creams or pastes. They require no buffing, and are fun and easy to use. By applying new technology, we designed these products to make the care and maintenance of your new matte finishes easier and just as effective as caring for high gloss finishes. We invite you to try it with our guarantee of your absolute satisfaction or your money back.

1. Matte Quick Spot Remover: dissolves and cleans bugs, tar, road grime, bird droppings, and more

2. Matte Gentle Wash: a car washing shampoo especially formulated for matte finishes

3. Matte Elegance Protector: an invisible water proof barrier that protects from oxidation and preserves the beautiful matte look

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