Lens Gloss - 8 oz

8 fl oz/237mL
Lens GlossLens Gloss

Lens Gloss is a creation designed in response to customer requests. The desire for perfection has risen to focus on polishing accessories. Headlights and turn signals now need the same extreme gloss of the rest of the vehicle.

At trade shows where we test marketed our line of products customers repeatedly came up and asked if we had a product that would polish their headlamps, stop lights or turn signals.

We realized these plastic items needed polishing because, like paint, they were also oxidizing.

Fortunately our experience in the research on polishing oxidized surfaces offered a wealth of formulas to begin with. What we ended with was the creation of Lens Gloss.

Lens Gloss cleans, polishes and restores glass, plastic and fiberglass to an amazing high gloss. It removes oxidation and that hazy dullness, leaving the surface clear and glossy.

It's great for use on emergency vehicle red lights, Brake lights, turn signals, and headlamps.

So now when a customer asks if we have a product to polish their plastic accessories, we say "yes, we sure do". If you're one of those perfectionists who are now focusing on your accessories, you'll be happy to try a bottle of Lens Gloss. We know you'll love it, and we stand behind it. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.

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